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where is file

When i do this
to-local-file %/C/YOURNAME.txt
dont know where to find that txtfile...
Greetings zdubair.com.se

posted by:   zdubair.freetzi.com     7-Dec-2015/10:32:34-8:00

The 'to-local-file function just returns a file name in the format of the OS you are currently using. It doesn't create a file, or save any data to that file. It's most likely to be used when calling an external application which needs a file name in the format of the OS:
write %/C/YOURNAME.txt "Nick"
call/show join "notepad " to-local-file %/C/YOURNAME.txt
Notice that the actual file manipulation is performed using Rebol's file syntax.

posted by:   Nick     7-Dec-2015/11:22:11-8:00

OKGreetings zdubair.com.se tx:-)

posted by:   zdubair     7-Dec-2015/11:53:23-8:00