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is rebol.com still alive ?

Not seeing any activity on rebol.com, just wondering if anybody has any clue if rebol is still being developed ?
has anybody tried Doc Kimbel's Red ?

posted by:   yuem     2-Jul-2011/7:47:17-7:00

Carl is very busy on a Linux related project and has no time for REBOL development right now. Hopefully, he'll be back soon.

posted by:   Henrik     2-Jul-2011/7:59:33-7:00

I'm still doing commercial work with REBOL 2. This week I wrote a new inventory, point of sale, and report system for 2 new supermarkets that are opening up near me. It's very different from the Merchants' Village software, so I wrote it entirely from scratch. It took 4 days from my first meeting with the owner to discuss the specs, until we had a fully working first version. During the last meeting, I met with their accountant, installed REBOL, copied Metapad and the code to a new machine. I wrote code live while he sat and requested changes - we finished it right there :)

posted by:   Nick     3-Jul-2011/10:23:28-7:00

Robert announced today that the RMA is working with Carl again on R3:

posted by:   Nick     3-Jul-2011/11:06:59-7:00

@yuem: Carl is busy with something else but R3 development is continue with RMA and some other gurus I guess, like BrianH.
Red is a exciting language with nice features and very fast development progress. I think many Rebolers are watching or/and testing Red. It goes beta just yesterday.
@nick: you are doing very nice works with Rebol! but don't make your customers think that programming is/was always easy like this :))

posted by:   Endo     6-Jul-2011/3:30:57-7:00

I posted this in 'Does Anybody Know The Status Of Rebol 3' because thats where google lead me - but it looks like there life in here, so I'm re-posting...
Did the world end on Dec 2010 and re-start for a brief moment on Jun 4-6th 2011?
I was looking for a micro language to go with my micro laptop - I discovered REBOL - but before I really discovered it, my mighty micro eee pc crashed completly and with it my hope of building a REBOL 'everything I need' programme for - well - anything I need. Now my micro pc is BrOkEn (am in this forum on my mobile phone)... Thought I would look up a karaoke player for windows programmed in REBOL, a google search brought me here, thought I found a Rebol programmer here as in 'nick' that could help, but alas looks like not only has my micro laptop crashed, but also REBOL as in last posts been Dec 2010. Anyone an idea what has happened? Nick you still around? Want to build me a karaoke player for my friends windows 7 laptop and re-awaken the Mighty Micro World of REBOL once again???
Im tired now, will pop in here tomorrow to see has the world woken up.

posted by:   Mykell     15-Jul-2011/0:48:59-7:00

Mykell, I'm still around - just extremely busy with commercial work. What do you have in mind? Have you looked at the tutorial at http://re-bol.com to get started with REBOL?

posted by:   Nick     15-Jul-2011/19:47:31-7:00

P.S. - take a look at the very last example in http://re-bol.com/rebol.html#section-10.14 . That final jukebox program contains a vocal cut feature that may be useful for karaoke.

posted by:   Nick     15-Jul-2011/21:39:10-7:00

P.P.S. - I'm curious what you mean by the break between Dec 2010 and June this year. There's been consistent activity here all year (see the date of the last message in each topic), and continued daily activity on AltME - several hundred posts every week (AltME is still the most popular well for Rebolers to communicate).

posted by:   Nick     15-Jul-2011/21:42:52-7:00

Thanks Nick for ur reply... Im on a mobile phone, so hope u dont mind if I use some shrt txt.
Ok when i 1st came here on d 15th jul, tru a google search, it planted me n the 'Does Anybody Know The Status Of Rebol 3' postings. I read tru thm wit great interest - the last msg frm urslf was Dec 2010, then no more until 2 othr people postd msgs n Jun 2011 - hence i wondered why the break as i wasnt aware of d bigger rebol forum lol - i then just copy/pasted d msg in here. Anyway I'm not a programmer, but always hav bn interestd in programming since way bak in d days of BASIC, but alas othr things took ovr. I did hav a look at d Rebol tutorial & when i gt time (hopfully n d near future) i'l study it properly. Seems a good, if not different approach 2 programming and doesnt hav 2 always operate as an Object Oriented language - i like small programs tha proceed in logical steps & carry out instructions in a sequencial order & looks like Rebol can do that, though as u know the real world doesnt always work that way.
Ok, i was rambling on there. Yeah d Karaoke player is for a friend, for practicing at home, so nothing as complicatd as creating karaokes. A basic player to play & display the syncronised lyrics straight from karaoke discs - o and microphone input 2 singalong as d music is playing and not just 4 recording.
Hope that clarifys things a little. Appreciate ur reply nick - dont know how u manage ur work & stil hav time 2 b active in here. Am abit busy myself at the moment - proofing and editing a book my Karaoke frnd has written and might self publish and re-designing a small website for a writers group that im a member of... But i wil pop n here agn - And I will, 1day, b able 2 program
something better than the "Hello World" i know in 54 different scripts and languages :-) Just kidding ... I only know it in 53.
All 4 nw, and thnx again. Yeah il hav a look at sec 10-13 at rebol.com.

posted by:   Mykell     16-Jul-2011/1:44:43-7:00

Checking back on the the Rebol scene every 6 months or so now. It's just as predicted. The absolute worse aspect is Carl's complete and utter public silence. I suppose stating Rebol as one's "life's work" and then having it fall off the edge of the abyss would lead to some kind of depression.

posted by:   Yuri     23-Aug-2011/2:50:35-7:00

It's still in commercial use in my world, happily and productively :)

posted by:   Nick     29-Aug-2011/10:56:45-7:00

Red is a very exciting development. When I was first looking at REBOL, the main thing which made me hesitate is that it's so slow. I don't regret learning it, but especially not now that Red is in the works, and the ability to develop mobile/embedded applications is the icing on the cake. Can't wait to use it.

posted by:   Jules     19-Sep-2011/8:24:05-7:00

In the past, I would say Rebol was a dinosaur.. given the recent Windows 8 developments, I'd take that one step further now and say 'any developer that uses Rebol is a poor developer, and shouldn't be hired.'

posted by:   Yuri     19-Sep-2011/19:25:59-7:00

I use Linux, but I don't see the connection between Windows 8 and being a poor developer if you use REBOL?

posted by:   Jules     20-Sep-2011/6:16:27-7:00