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wrong something

why do I get an error ever time I try and load this.

posted by:   ron     18-Jan-2014/22:51:55-8:00

Saphirion has had some problems with their web server recently, and the load-gui function currently loads the r3-gui.r3 file from their web server. I prefer to download r3-gui.r3 to the current directory, and do it from the local file. This is more reliable, and faster because you don't need to download the file every time your code runs:
     do %r3-gui.r3
If you're not sure how to do all that, you can use this code:
     if not exists? %r3-gui.r3 [write %r3-gui.r3 read http://re-bol.com/r3-gui.r3]
     load-gui: does [do %r3-gui.r3]
The official location for r3-gui.r3 is currently http://development.saphirion.com/resources/r3-gui.r3 (I used the copy at the re-bol.com URL above, just because Saphirion's servers have had issues lately).

posted by:   Nick     18-Jan-2014/23:56:28-8:00

BTW, you could put the first lines above in rebol.r. Any code in that file runs automatically every time Rebol starts.

posted by:   Nick     19-Jan-2014/8:45:19-8:00

R2 includes VID, lots of pop-up requestors, and all its network protocols, built-in. For R3, I include r3-gui.r3, the code for some pop-up requestors, and some of Graham's network protocols (especially FTP) in my rebol.r file. That way, R3 operates more immediately like R2, without having to include any extra code in user scripts.

posted by:   Nick     19-Jan-2014/8:52:04-8:00

thx...this will work nicely...immediately works.

posted by:   ron     19-Jan-2014/18:04:58-8:00