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CGI search string for this forum

Hi. I would like to use the rebolforum.com search engine directly from my web browser's address bar. Which CGI query string (as in /index.cgi?querystring=mykeyword) should I use for that?
Thanks! Mart

posted by:   martz     5-Nov-2017/1:34:10-7:00

The 'f' and 't' can be any other word. 'search' is required and 'mykeyword' is your search term. Current source for this forum script is always provided by the script itself, by running "do http://rebolforum.com/index.cgi?f=source" in your Rebol console.

posted by:   Nick     5-Nov-2017/6:32:40-8:00

Excellent, thanks!            

posted by:   martz     5-Nov-2017/6:50:21-8:00