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Document for text-list

update-text-list: func [current_list [object!]]
    current_list/sld/data: 0
    current_list/sn: 0
     current_list/lc / max 1 length?
     head current_list/lines
    show current_list
The above is a part of article "Implementing a GUI with REBOL/View". I wonder where is the detailed document about VID's face, such as text-list, button, image, list, etc.

posted by:   limux     24-Dec-2010/8:48:08-8:00

Hi Limux,
Take a look at the help for each widget in system/view/vid (svv):
help svv/vid-styles/text-list
You can find out about available widgets and words by running the following few help lines:
editor extract svv/vid-styles 2
editor svv/vid-words
editor svv/facet-words
svv/vid-styles/TEXT-LIST/words (do this for any widget)

posted by:   Nick     25-Dec-2010/13:59:42-8:00

http://re-bol.com and http://re-bol.com/examples.txt can help you learn more by example.

posted by:   Nick     25-Dec-2010/14:01:24-8:00

Here's one of the examples from the section of the tutorial above about built-in help. It lets you browse the object structure of any VID widget:
view layout [
     text-list data (extract svv/vid-styles 2) [
         a/text: select svv/vid-styles value
         show a focus a
     a: area 500x250
Here's another that shows additional attributes of widgets:
foreach i (extract svv/vid-styles 2) [
     x: select svv/vid-styles i
     ; additional facets are held in a "words" block:
     if x/words [
         prin join i ": "
         foreach q x/words [
             if not (function? :q) [prin join q " "]
         print ""

posted by:   Nick     27-Dec-2010/5:53:39-8:00