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odbc in rebol core

I do some cgi demo, in the cgi, i use odbc to access the sqlserver, it seems to that the rebol core can not support odbc, isn't it?

posted by:   limux     19-Apr-2011/3:34:56-7:00

No, Core doesn't support ODBC.
You need to use View or Command.

posted by:   Endo     20-Apr-2011/6:58:33-7:00

View can not use as a server and Command require a license, Ok?

posted by:   limux     20-Apr-2011/7:42:57-7:00

Yes, it's a sucky situation. There was a plan for REBOL 2.7.8 to allow the View versions to run on Linux with X11 installed but not running, but it is unclear whether this was implemented. The current binary versions of the Cheyenne web server encapped with Command/View 2.7.8 seem to run without X running, so you could try it. The Windows View version will work in any case.

posted by:   Kaj     20-Apr-2011/9:31:17-7:00

Why not rebol provides a trial license?

posted by:   limux     21-Apr-2011/1:44:31-7:00

You'd have to ask REBOL Technologies.

posted by:   Kaj     21-Apr-2011/10:18:49-7:00

I have released binaries of Cheyenne which were built with the command sdk. Carl has not objected.

posted by:   Graham     21-Apr-2011/20:10:36-7:00

Either cheyenne-r0920-cmd.exe or cheyenne-r0920-pro.exe I used all doesn't support odbc, follow is the errors:
** Access Error: Invalid port spec: odbc://sa:rxmx1199@localhost/hrp275 ** Near: dbhis: open odbc://sa:rxmx1199@localhost/hrp275
Any ideas!

posted by:   limux     22-Apr-2011/12:05:28-7:00

Those binaries have been encapped with /Pro and not /cmd hence the lack of odbc support.
I did release a R2 interface with open dbx which might be the other way to go to access odbc

posted by:   Graham     23-Apr-2011/6:26-7:00

Thank you, Please notify me when the R2 interface is released if you would like to.
email: liumengjiang@msn.com
Heartly Thanks.

posted by:   limux     23-Apr-2011/8:14:07-7:00

See http://www.compkarori.co.nz:8000/OpenDBX
You can use this to connect to ODBC, or, any of the supported databases.

posted by:   Graham     24-Apr-2011/19:26:18-7:00

Command encapped builds for Cheyenne are available so that you can use ODBC.

posted by:   Graham     25-Apr-2011/0:24:34-7:00

Thanks, Where to get the peekpoke.r? the url is dead.
dbx.r required that peekpoke.r.

posted by:   limux     25-Apr-2011/10:10:52-7:00

I commented out the peekpoke as it is not required.
I'll ask Ladislav though where it is.

posted by:   Graham     26-Apr-2011/1:55:57-7:00