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parse sub-block

Would anyone like to explain the follow code, I am not understant "copy items 2", THANKS!
rule: [date! copy items 2 into [string! time!]]
data: [10-Jan-2000 ["Ukiah" 10:30] ["Rome" 2:45]]
print parse data rule
probe items

posted by:   limux     13-Apr-2011/11:22:38-7:00

Try to read the rule as follow:
One date! then 2 blocks.
That blocks should have one string! and then one time! value.
"copy items 2" is not a correct separation.
To make it clear, read it as:
(date!) (copy items) (2 into [string! time!])

posted by:   Endo     14-Apr-2011/4:15:18-7:00

There's no document about "2 into block!" except
"into block!", isn't it?

posted by:   limux     14-Apr-2011/7:00:18-7:00

In core.pdf file there is a section named Parsing Sub Blocks on page 452. You can find information about "into" there.

posted by:   Endo     25-Apr-2011/3:37:53-7:00