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Rebol Desktop in R3

Are there any plans to port Rebol Desktop to R3?

posted by:   fraya     8-Oct-2013/16:39:04-7:00

I have a feeling that's likely to become a historical relic. I do have a vague memory that Carl posted the R2 code for some of the animated transitions (not completely sure - I think maybe on his blog? It may have just been a conversation, but may be worth a quick search...)

posted by:   Nick     8-Oct-2013/21:46:31-7:00

Here it is (R2):

posted by:   Nick     8-Oct-2013/21:48:25-7:00

Change all the "include" to "do" and uncomment all but the first 2 (the ones requiring sdk, unless you have the SDK files).

posted by:   Nick     8-Oct-2013/22:02:57-7:00


posted by:   fraya     9-Oct-2013/17:19:09-7:00

A port was not planned.
Carl's idea back in 2007 was to create a browser-like interface, where you type in a script name in a URL bar and run the script inside the window as if it were a downloaded webpage.
The reason is that webbrowsers became a more common form factor and perhaps also would make it easier to adopt for new users and because R2's desktop is very limited.
Beyond this, it would also demonstrate REBOL's capability as a very compact technology stack that could do what webbrowsers do and much more with much less code and CPU usage.
It can still be done, if we want it.

posted by:   Henrik     10-Oct-2013/6:05:50-7:00

It's limited, but for share text files, pdf's and execute Rebol programs it's perfect. It's as you said, what browsers do in 0.5MB not in 30MB (before install). I use it with my students to share documents and I love the ability to browse offline .
I look forward to see it in R3

posted by:   fraya     11-Oct-2013/3:33:04-7:00

Incidentally, you can view the original Reb Site index files using this viewer:

posted by:   Chris     13-Nov-2013/22:35:43-8:00

Wow, memories! Very cool :)

posted by:   Nick     13-Nov-2013/22:45:08-8:00

Memories, yes—but it is all live! See:
If perhaps a rebol: protocol were registered on an OS, it could run scripts instead of just display source :D
(or if Rebol code could run in the browser!!)

posted by:   Chris     13-Nov-2013/23:00:52-8:00

Chris: That's a very cool idea.

posted by:   Endo     19-Nov-2013/13:57:23-8:00

How do you suggest going about getting a "protocol registered on an OS"?

posted by:   Nick     19-Nov-2013/16:54:46-8:00

I used to use the old plugin in MS IE and Mozilla, but even before that project was abandoned, I found it easier just to offer a link to Rebol, with a line of code to paste into the console ("do http://site.com/script.r"), and provide a sentence explaining how to run a given script ("Download the 1/2 Megabyte Rebol interpreter, click the 'Console' icon, paste the line of code above, and press the [Enter] key").
Instead of trying to create a plugin that runs in every possible browser, why not create a simple stub plugin, who's only purpose is to download and install Rebol, then run any embedded (or linked) scripts on a page (in the interpreter, instead of in the browser).
Seems like this should be little trouble to implement, for anyone who builds plugins.
Security options could be provided to allow the user to choose running options, or even complex rebol.r scripts...

posted by:   Nick     19-Nov-2013/22:15:34-8:00

I'd suggested the stub plugin in the past, but I think protocols are emerging as the settled way of handling external programs across platforms—certainly leaves open the possibility to launch scripts on phones/tablets where plugins are not likely to be supported.
To me, compiling Rebol/Red in JS is preferable to any form of plugin dev in terms of time well spent.

posted by:   Chris     21-Nov-2013/12:28:09-8:00

The one thing I miss in the Rebol community is all the mature projects like Brython and Pyjamas, which tools like Python get. I've always tried to help build community to attract more talent, so that we have more people working on those sorts of projects. We have a great start with Topaz, but it hasn't been touched on Github in more than a year...

posted by:   Nick     21-Nov-2013/23:32:37-8:00

Yes—I keep looking longingly at Topaz, but there does seem to be some showstoppers in there (Try Topaz reimagined: http://reb4.me/tt ). I still wonder if it might be halfway usable if it could access the DOM.
But then, there have apparently been successful attempts to compile Rebol 3 to Javascript, and Doc plans to have Red do the same, so it may only be a matter of time...

posted by:   Chris     22-Nov-2013/18:53:30-8:00

I'm really looking forward to everything that Doc is planning with Red.

posted by:   Nick     22-Nov-2013/19:21:30-8:00