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IDE or enhanced text editor

I looked into several options. No major IDE supports Rebol. Looking at text editors, I found EditPad and E-TextEditor. The latter has become my choice.
It does syntax highlighting, word completion and script execution with output. I just wish it did not come with cygwin.
Here's the link, ask gregg.irwin and he will most likely be able to share with you his copy. (originally credit is due to kib2.
A little tweaking is necessary though.
First, you need to open the bundle, look for any hard coded path to the rebol.exe and make it fit your need.
Second, in order to get syntax highlighting, you need to add your own elements to any particular theme, and make sure the "Selector" will match their particular definitions in the bundle.
Lastly, the word completion is available by pressing the Esc key. That's a little weird choice, I prefer CTRL-space.

posted by:   florin     20-May-2010/21:34:33-7:00

I've always been happy coding with Metapad on Windows. Tiny and simple - but no bells or whistles (no code completion, colorization, code folding etc.). Just one click or keystroke to run the code, and another to process Makedoc files :) If I need syntax help, I open REBOL and type "help" :) My entire development environment takes 10 seconds to setup, and is less then 700k. I send code files back and forth between numerous machines using FTP, so I can work wherever I want. I keep my tutorial on hand to remember bits of code and links to reference material. With REBOL I've never wanted or needed an IDE or additional tools to be productive.
With all that said, I'd be curious to try anything new that might be helpful :)

posted by:   Nick     20-May-2010/23:37:18-7:00

I always use EditPlus on Windows, it is a great text editor with all the necessary features, but it is not free. It is very good espacially when working with huge files like 100 mb or more. or open 400-500 files simultaneously and find/replace in a second etc.
As a free text editor, Programmer's Notepad and Notepad++ are good choices. ConText and Crimson are also good.
They all have features like folding, coloring, executing etc.

posted by:   Endo     21-May-2010/3:07:33-7:00

I've been using Notepad++, with the language setting for LISP. For help, I copied the demo test program for links and added the dictionary, Crash Course, view-guide, tutorial, and the forum - and, of course, I use the help from the view.

posted by:   Steve Oldner     21-May-2010/8:21:24-7:00

I am using context editor or crimson editor. they are fast and very small footprint too.    
is anyone using SCITE ? I tried but couldn't get the execution and code folding to work.

posted by:   yuem     23-May-2010/7:47:48-7:00

Notepad2 is my next favorite choice, and still only a few hundred K. It's got a few additional editing features beyond Metapad, but nothing that I've found necessary. Programmer's Notepad would definitely be a favorite if I wanted REBOL code coloring, word completion, and other features (see http://reboltutorial.com/blog/rebol-editor/), but I always end up coming back to simple little Metapad :)

posted by:   Nick     23-May-2010/22:20:55-7:00

I checked Programmer's Notepad. It is great for Rebol. Thanks.

posted by:   florin     24-May-2010/9:49:42-7:00