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New RED Site / Book for Red Zen / Enlightenment

I've uploaded a free work on Red. It is for anyone who seeks to Red, especially anyone who isn't a comp sci nerd.
If you're looking for Red Enlightenment, Red Zen or whatever, check it out.

posted by:   Time Series Lord     20-Sep-2016/20:31:07-7:00

"His understanding of software technologies seems quite limited to me, and he definitely doesn't understand much about Rebol and Red. From the documentation he wrote, many statements are wrong or misleading" - Nenad Rakocevic

posted by:   Vexerciser     30-Sep-2016/16:00:36-7:00

Nenad Rakocevic, or as his friends call him, Gonad, is a low-level C programmer, a code monkey, a clone artist.
Rakocevic does not understand Carl Sassenrath's design and design philosophy.
You can see what Carl Sassenrath said about REBOL and his design here:
Carl Sassenrath on REBOL:
Carl Sassenrath Says REBOL is not Scripting Language:
Nenad "Gonad" Rakocevic thinks he is cloning only an interpreter.
Thank God Carl is on record to contradict Nenad and his weak understanding of REBOL.

posted by:   Vexerciser     30-Sep-2016/18:32:16-7:00

TSL: Are you in a better mood today? I thank you for your offerings of luck, served me well yesterday. It was very kind (the other stuff I put down to your sociopathic side). Are you Irish? Anyway:
With your insertion '[a virtual computer that has]', your usage implies that as Carl's meaning. He has mentioned Virtual Machines before, but not in the same context. I know you have disdain for CS semantics (though hold a scrupulous, unforgiving regard for semantics in general), however Carl is typically meticulous in his phrasing: what does it add to ascribe this to him?
You have an interesting site, though the insistence of creating an alternate terminology ('The [dreaded] RVC') is jarring (same with the substantive portions of your answers in this forum). I get (ha!) that you're trying to distance yourself from the 'dummies' that precede you, yet in setting yourself apart you're breaking away from Carl's own nomenclature. I wouldn't care except I fear the dissonance is a barrier to learning. You're obviously highly intelligent (it's obvious because you've repeatedly said so, that's good enough for me), does that possibly blind you to the difficulties that we lesser mortals face when encountering incongruous language?
In addition, you have lots of quotes from Carl on your site, but little attribution or few links to the source interviews or articles. This inhibits further exploration of Carl's thoughts or digesting them in their pristine form. Is there a purpose to this?
One last thing, your site is nerdy (unavoidable, it's about nerdy stuff built in a nerdy way for aspiring nerds), I'm impressed with your ability to embrace nerdyness while simultaneously denying, denouncing and dismissing all nerddom. It's a high-wire act surpassed only by that ballsy French fellow who straddled the twin towers way back when.

posted by:   Asking For a Friend     1-Oct-2016/17:19:38-7:00

On second thought, you are right. I am glad you produced your bright work, TimeSeriesLord.
Clearly, I am obsessed with you. That is why I have followed you over from gitter.im.

posted by:   Asking For a Friend     1-Oct-2016/23:41:27-7:00

I did spot your diarrhetic utterings on gitter.im (both rounds, you should watch what you eat). I was curious to see if there's sincerity in your participation here and there. I think maybe, but I wonder if there's a single person who doesn't end up with a mouthful of shit whenever they engage you. I'm going to suppose you're going through a phase and your site will be gone before a few moon cycles have passed. Would not be disappointed to be wrong, but you don't seem the type to stick it out. And would not be disappointed to be right either.

posted by:   Asking For a Friend     2-Oct-2016/5:09:05-7:00

It should be clear that I own your mind. You are so obsessed with me that you have followed me from gitter.im/red/red to here.
Crazy obsession is a sign of mental illness. You have that.
You ought to get the help you need so desperately.
Good luck.

posted by:   Time Series Lord     2-Oct-2016/11:15:48-7:00

...Rakocevic does not understand Carl Sassenrath's design and design philosophy...
In exactly which way does Rakocevic not understand the design philosophy? Rebol is a scripting language. It is formed much more like a human language to my eyes but it's still a scripting language. I'm not being flippant. What underlying concept does he not get? What would he have to change about RED to implement this unknown concept?
Carl also made a Rebol operating system if I'm not mistaken but it's not Rebol.
Rakocevic's resume is really not important. Really smart people have trouble with resumes and normal stuff a lot of times. One of the supposedly smartest guys on the planet worked as a bar bouncer. One the smartest guys ever spent all his time studying train schedules. Rakocevic seems to have found a much more useful niche for his smartness to our great utility.
Is reading the time series lord's stuff just going to confuse me?

posted by:   Sam     4-Oct-2016/4:36:30-7:00

You seem confused already Sam. However, reading my "stuff" will disabuse you of your false beliefs.
Let us look at one of your false beliefs:
"Rebol is a scripting language." ~ Sam
REBOL is not a scripting language, at all.
One can use the context-independent dialects to script the OS with CALL. But even that is limited.
If you live to stay stuck at a lower level of believing, you will compare, wrongly of course, REBOL and Red to Python or even Bash.
REBOL is a virtual computer, a layer between the OS primitives and a user. REBOL hosts more than one language.
REBOL is much designed like a DBMS. REBOL is an .exe engine that has a query system words that produce looked up values or views (subsets of blocks; find, select). Like a typical DBMS, REBOL has a forms producer too (view, layout). As well, REBOL has a few languages, context-free dialects of REBOL (do, make, func) and the subsidiary words (foreach, forall, etc, if, either ...) to tie it all together, much the same as a DBMS.
Rebel, REBOL
Red is a mere clone of REBOL. Red isn't a language.    
Oh and according to Wikipedia, "A scripting language...supports...programs written for a special run-time environment that automate the execution of tasks that could alternatively be executed one-by-one by a human operator...Environments that can be automated...web browser...operating systems."
You better get smarter "Sam" if you're trying to attack me through innuendo because you are one of those gitter/red guys and you desire to see me not have success.
Good luck!

posted by:   Time Series Lord     4-Oct-2016/12:00:52-7:00

"...You better get smarter "Sam" if you're trying to attack me through innuendo because you are one of those gitter/red guys and you desire to see me not have success."
I'm not attacking you and I wish you lots of luck. You've done a lot of work on the instructional material you put up.
In exactly which way does Rakocevic not understand the design philosophy?
If you answered this I don't understand.

posted by:   Sam     17-Oct-2016/21:29:05-7:00