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Start a World in AltME live 24X7.

Someone pls start a world in AltMe which will be online 24X7 and the users can meet up there evryday.On the stackoverflow page of rebol and red its hard to chat cause of the strict rules of the site.So please someone start a world or group on altme or any other site so that every new rebol programmer can join the discussion and clear his doubts and get solutions for his questions.

posted by:   Sagar     22-Sep-2014/0:57:08-7:00

Hi Sagar, yes, stackoverflow does have rules to get on to the chat, but I don't believe they are too hard. Just ask one rebol related question and the guys in the room will usually provide an answer and enough virtues to get the magic 20 points to get you into chat.
The second benefit is that it adds to the knowledge base of rebol questions on the stack overflow site which benefits everyone :-)
All the best, John

posted by:   Johnk     22-Sep-2014/1:56:54-7:00

You can ask if there is any way to plot text using the 'draw dialect, because I'd like to know the answer to that. :-)

posted by:   Bo     23-Sep-2014/19:48:34-7:00