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Lots of big news for Red!

If you haven't kept up with Red lately, there is an enormous amount of progress happening with that whole platform.
Work is progressing on Android:
Nenad and the community also have a viable plan for a commercial direction in the area of blockchain development, with a great showing at the recent Google event on the topic. Be sure to catch up on the rest of that news at https://www.red-lang.org.
A Red foundation is being created in France, Doc is looking towards opening an office in the US, and the group is making great strides in building community. Carl Sassenrath, the creator of Rebol, is even taking interest again.
If you've been waiting to dive into Rebol-like languages, now is a great time to dig in. I'm going to catch up on all of Red's technical changes, and start writing more examples and tutorials for it!

posted by:   Nick     4-Apr-2018/8:19:58-7:00

I have been sticking to R2 because it works and is complete (enough). I actually have been making heavy use of it at work in real work-related projects. As soon as Red or R3 or something of the sort reaches a place where I feel like I can download it and use it for all the stuff I need doing, as easily as I do for R2, I hope to start transitioning.    
Interestingly, just yesterday, I started facing a little issue. We don't do much programming here; we are more like "systems integrators," doing little programming chores when some purchased system won't work with some other purchased system. We have a guy who knows Access, we have a guy who knows Python, and we have me, and we all do what must be done with the tools we know how to use. If I ever leave, I will leave behind a lot or REBOL stuff. The question being faced is, should I begin converting things I have done to some other tool so the people who know those tools can use my stuff, thus "condemning" them to using a less-capable solution only because it is a more popular solution and "depriving" them of seeing what they might be missing, or do I push ahead on my current course and do even more with REBOL, make more examples, make more documentation, so they can pick up REBOL and use it if I am unavailable.
If Red becomes a commercial product and is as "complete" as R2, that would be a good recommendation for adopting it in a production environment.

posted by:   Steven White     4-Apr-2018/9:49:53-7:00

I'm still using Rebol 2 for production, and there probably always will be a place for it just because of the long history of code samples and legacy use, but my biggest hopes are to be able to use Rebol language on all the new platforms, and to have a large community contributing to the creation of new and up to date supporting tools, in an open source environment. Keep using R2 for your needs, of course, but start catching up with Red if you're interested in future platform support and capabilities.

posted by:   Nick     4-Apr-2018/10:03:33-7:00

I am still with REBOL2 too. There are mature solutions I currently user for GUI and coding. I am waiting for RED to become stable to start porting my code there. To help the transintion I have put a bounty to create a TEXT table which everyone needs for business solution.

posted by:   Giuseppe Chillemi     12-Apr-2018/14:58:39-7:00