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Does anyone know how to contact Cyphre?

I would like to hire Cyphre to port R3-GUI, if he's still interested. If anyone knows how to contact him, please let me know. Or if anyone is still talking regularly with Carl, I'm willing to pay his rate for a port of R2/View to some new platforms. Or if anyone else wants the work...

posted by:   Nick     19-Feb-2018/15:31:20-8:00

I could make a token contribution to the R2/View project. My approaching fixed-income status would keep it a small contribution. Sometimes something that works is better than something that is perfect but does not exist.

posted by:   Steven White     19-Feb-2018/17:44-8:00

I appreciate that Steve :)

posted by:   Nick     20-Feb-2018/18:03:17-8:00

Hi Nick,
    why are you asking for this ?
    What about funding together an unified engine made of R3GUI and R2VID and the bestpart of other engines like VID EXT KIT, RebGUI...
    Henrik, Cyphre and Rebolek could work together on this....

posted by:   Giuseppe Chillemi     24-Mar-2018/17:18:40-7:00

I'd like to see the rich history of code written in R2 run on modern platforms.

posted by:   Nick     24-Mar-2018/23:17:46-7:00

I'd be happy to see any full featured version (with GUI, graphics, networking (with a full suite of protocols), sound, etc.) of any Rebol language (R3, Red, etc.), working in the browser, on iOS, and on Android. Until then, no Rebol language will be used as a mainstream tool, and the community will stay small. All I've ever wanted to see is a bigger community. With a big community, the ecosystem flourishes and tools, examples, etc. stay current.

posted by:   Nick     25-Mar-2018/9:23:01-7:00

I still do not have the "big picture". Since VID relies on REBOL like language, are you talking about a full port, including REDBOL or some other approach ?
m s g

posted by:   Giuseppe Chillemi     27-Mar-2018/2:24:01-7:00

I'm talking about porting all of R2, or some other feature complete version of a Rebol language to run in a web-brower, iDevices, etc., in the same way the Cyphre ported R3 and R3-GUI to run on Android, so that a complete Rebol environment exists to develop and deploy apps on those platforms.

posted by:   Nick     29-Mar-2018/9:51:58-7:00

Nick, after months of hard work we are very close to VID in the browser. Brian has now nailed the basics with the help of the emscripten authors to help fix their side of the equation.
Now, we need to decide on what dialect we want to support i.e. VID or something else. And since Brian isn't interested in actually writing the JS widgets, we will need to find a coder to do that tedious side of things. But the heavy lifting has been done. We could just use a JS GUI but the preference is not to make it that heavy.

posted by:   Graham     8-Jul-2018/16:28:04-7:00

By the way, I don't think we really want VID on Android. VID as written is a desktop GUI with no support for gestures, pagination etc. We need to be able to build a native Android GUI presumably using a Java bridge.

posted by:   Graham     8-Jul-2018/17:25:02-7:00

That's fantastic to hear! Where can I follow progress?

posted by:   Nick     9-Jul-2018/12:11:39-7:00

Chat is where we discuss this https://chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/291/rebol
As mentioned above, we need funds to pay for a JS programmer. An intern for Brian.

posted by:   Graham     10-Jul-2018/0:53:13-7:00

A very alpha rebol in browser is here http://hostilefork.com/media/shared/replpad-js/

posted by:   Graham     10-Jul-2018/0:55:22-7:00

Are there any estimates of cost and time required to complete an actually production-ready /View + /VID (or whatever variant GUI)?

posted by:   Nick     10-Jul-2018/6:52:09-7:00

I don't think we've reached that point yet.

posted by:   Graham     10-Jul-2018/21:14:01-7:00

But some input as to what is wanted is needed. I very much doubt I will be developing apps in the browser using VID so those that want this need to speak up.

posted by:   Graham     11-Jul-2018/18:59:37-7:00