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Offline Reader

The full message block for this forum is available at http://rebolforum.com/bb.db
I made a little offline reader that allows you to download, save, and read the entire collection of forum messages (i.e., to keep the messages for later reference). It's a quick 5 minute script, but it works - tweak as needed :)
do http://rebolforum.com/index.cgi?f=downloadreader

posted by:   Nick     18-May-2010/12:22:47-7:00

Also added it to rebol.org :)

posted by:   Nick     18-May-2010/12:40:39-7:00

Thanks! It doesn't scroll to read the entire text block horizontally or vertically. Is is suppose to or this is something I need to tweak for me?    

posted by:   Steve Oldner     19-May-2010/10:12:16-7:00

I just used REBOL's native area style to display the text, so that's part of the 5 minute script charm :) For now, it WILL scroll with the arrow keys. Adding some scroll bars is on the todo list :)

posted by:   Nick     20-May-2010/11:21:34-7:00

The offline reader is now part of the script itself: http://rebolforum.com/index.cgi?f=downloadreader . Any changes I make to it will be updated there. I added a couple tiny tweaks to make messages wrap, and to fit the screen better, and to download archived messages.

posted by:   Nick     27-May-2010/9:49:31-7:00