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I packaged two different versions of my sitebuilder.r script into Windows .exe files:
Each includes the UniformServer Apache Miniserver ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/miniserver/files/MiniServer/MiniServer_%20Apache%202.2.9%20Perl%205.10%20Portable/ ).
Just download and run either of the .exe's . Each program will create a C:\sitebuilder\ folder, unpack and run the server (on port 80), and start your browser with the sitebuilder script running (at http://localhost).
Default username/password is "username"/"password".
Be sure to delete or rename the C:\sitebuilder\ folder if you switch between wysiwyg and makedoc versions, or if you actually use the program to create content.

posted by:   Nick     17-Dec-2013/10:28:52-8:00

BTW, the javascript WYSIWYG editor in the first version above is openwysiwyg. You can install any other WYSIWYG editor you prefer - I chose openwysiwyg a few years back for its nice balance of features vs lite weight. Openwysiwyg, however, doesn't run in Chrome, and there are probably some newer WYSIWYG editors which work well on mobile devices. Firefox and IE both work fine with openwysiwyg, and Chrome works fine if you don't care about WYSIWYG page editing (but that's really about big part of the script).
The Makedoc version will run in any browser that supports HTML forms. No javascript is even required, just format your layouts using Makedoc syntax.

posted by:   Nick     17-Dec-2013/10:43:05-8:00

The idea in creating an .exe version is that it may be useful as a tool for creating simple portable multi-page documents and/or presentations ... or just as a way of trying out the sitebuilder.cgi script without having to install it on a web server.

posted by:   Nick     17-Dec-2013/11:39:57-8:00

To view a created site/presentation on another machine, just copy the contents of the C:\sitebuilder\udrive\public_html folder to a portable drive, and view by opening index.html

posted by:   Nick     17-Dec-2013/11:49:04-8:00