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AltME is the best way to communicate with the active REBOL community. To join:
1) First, create an account at rebol.org: http://www.rebol.org/rl-mf01.r
2) Then, request an AltME account: http://www.rebol.org/aga-join.r
3) Download AltME from http://www.altme.com/download.html
You'll need to confirm the account setup steps by email, but it's very easy to do, and it's really the only way to be in the loop with a majority of active REBOLers today.

posted by:   Nick     16-May-2010/13:03:26-7:00

This is not only silly but right down stupid. Why this barrier against people trying to figure out what REBOL is all about? I've asked for longer then a week to have a login/pass and have not heard from them. I've already put 2 weeks into rebol by now. Is it worth my time? Can't they 'reduce' this access to forums to what real people might expect? Dude, I'm already angry I have no one to ask questions.

posted by:   anonymous     16-May-2010/14:47:29-7:00

That's why I put this forum together :) I've been lobbying for a long time to convince the community to centralize communication on a web based forum, but there just hasn't been much interest. You'll find that the community tends to be very friendly and helpful :)
The mailing list has been down for several weeks (another reason the REBOL world needs a site like this). If you sent your request that way, they probably haven't seen it. I posted a note for you to see what info they need from you :)

posted by:   Nick     16-May-2010/22:48:40-7:00

I have never liked forums. Altme, for me, is so much better a tool. Its a little annoying to get signed up but once your in it well worth it. There should be some method to signup from within Altme...

posted by:   Alan     16-May-2010/23:32:41-7:00

I also love the way AltME works. If the the signup process were instant, it would be great for the community, but many people simply refuse to give it a try since it takes too many steps to get started and it's not the normal way people expect to communicate.

posted by:   Nick     16-May-2010/23:59:14-7:00

Anonymous, as far as I know, we don't have any outstanding AltME account requests, so yours must have gone missing somewhere. I apologize. How/where did you submit your request?
The REBOL mailing list is still alive and there are a couple other forums, and a Google group. The focus on AltME wasn't a conscious one, just natural selection. There is ongoing discussion--as there may be forever--about the pros and cons, whether to have a public Guest account, etc.
I'm sorry you're angry, and I'll do what I can to make sure you get set up. Until then, try the ML. If you post a message there, I can help you more directly.

posted by:   Gregg     17-May-2010/0:16:03-7:00

I know the ML is the official place to make the request but a request to anyone (here for instance) that already has an account can make the request within Altme. I've never seen a request on altme in "accounts" take more than a few hours to be granted....

posted by:   Alan     17-May-2010/0:58:20-7:00

Anonymous, if you'd like to post your name and email here (munge it to avoid spam), we'll get you added right away to AltME :)

posted by:   Nick     17-May-2010/2:44:05-7:00

an open and instant central connection with long time dev's may be a very good thing however in today's climate of collecting data for profit, people just want a simple "post their question and receive a reply", and preferably a fully working script that shows they how a task might be made.
asking people to post your name and email in ANY FORM before access to any system is just turning people away in droves.
its no wonder the most popular GUI apps are using ANYTHING BUT rebol view for their most basic GUI front ends today, there are NO current fully working examples that actually interface with these web apps,case in point current cli VLC, AVIDemux, FFMpeg, and the SABnzbd+ browser binary news client to name but a few.

posted by:   AnonymousTwo     17-May-2010/7:53:14-7:00

Angry is too strong a word. I was frustrated. Thanks for the help.
I find rebol fascinating. Building walls around rebol will guarantee that the language will remain a mental exercise.
A temporary guest account will be great - account that will be automatically deleted after some period of inactivity.

posted by:   Anonymous     17-May-2010/8:13:06-7:00

The last time I checked, altme did not work on
linux. This effectively shuts me out.

posted by:   Tim Johnson     17-May-2010/10:56:13-7:00

I spoke too soon. Just downloaded the beta and
installed to /usr/local/bin.
Holy moly it loads fast!

posted by:   Tim Johnson     17-May-2010/11:21:47-7:00

Anonymous, zap me an email at:
to string! debase/base "Z3JlZ2dAcG9pbnRpbGxpc3RpYy5jb20=" 64
Provide a username and email address and I'll get you set up.

posted by:   Gregg     17-May-2010/15:38:40-7:00

And you will get a lot of agreement about things that keep REBOL from gaining popularity.

posted by:   Gregg     17-May-2010/15:40:49-7:00

Gregg, thanks. I got the help needed. I'm already giving rebol an hour a day.

posted by:   anonymous     17-May-2010/20:09:33-7:00

I too don't like altme. It doesn't work on a slow connection, I had to post 10 times to get something onto altme. Another point is that all languages today are using web based forums.
see my thread at synapse-ehr.com for comments on altme.

posted by:   yuem     23-May-2010/8:08:03-7:00