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New Tutorial: Implementing Multi-User Data Management Applications with Rebol

I never published this one, but there was some recent interest. I hope it's helpful:

posted by:   Nick     13-Apr-2014/23:29:51-7:00

It explains how (and why) to send data back and forth between server and client apps, so that multiple users can work concurrently with a single persistent series in the memory of the server computer. Basically, it extends the idea of simple block manipulation, so that blocks can be used to build multi-user apps which typically require a network based RDBMS such as MySQL).

posted by:   Nick     14-Apr-2014/8:15:47-7:00

I'm wondering what would be involved with writing an isam database and using record level locking rather than locking and unlocking the entire database rapidly as you do here.

posted by:   john     6-May-2014/9:43:14-7:00

A table of record keys, containing the keys of locked records?

posted by:   Steven White     6-May-2014/10:29:13-7:00

Take a look at http://www.dobeash.com/rebsm.html

posted by:   Nick     6-May-2014/11:50:48-7:00

(Click on the download link on the RebSM page, for the zip file)
If you're interest in database work with Rebol, here are some other implementations and interfaces:
http://www.rebol.org/view-script.r?script=db.r http://www.rebol.org/view-script.r?script=couchdb3.r

posted by:   Nick     6-May-2014/11:59:55-7:00

There's also https://github.com/rebolek/prot-redis and the new mysql implementation for R3 at https://github.com/kronwiz/r3-mysql

posted by:   Nick     6-May-2014/12:29:35-7:00

I have used the one written by niclasen. It's nice. Does he have a multiuser implementation for it?

posted by:   john     6-May-2014/12:48:59-7:00

The author has created one for his own commercial use. Check the response by user Geomol in the "Ann-Reply" group of AltME. You can contact him privately there.
(You could also roll your own network interface)

posted by:   Nick     7-May-2014/5:54:42-7:00

Thanks very much Nick, very helpful.

posted by:   Mike Marinos     7-May-2014/8:45:45-7:00

Thanks for all the suggestions. I have been unable to get any response on altme. Is there something I am missing.

posted by:   John     7-May-2014/16:11:56-7:00

Did you send a private message to Geomol, or are you having trouble sending group messages?

posted by:   Nick     7-May-2014/18:22:33-7:00

Sorry, I'm absolutely clueless on this whole process. I thought I was supposed to visit a world but I can't if I don't have a username and password that is valid for that world. How do I send messages to Geomol?

posted by:   John     7-May-2014/19:33:37-7:00

I can add you to AltME:

posted by:   Nick     8-May-2014/12:51:16-7:00