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If you want to join AltME, just create a new topic titled "joinaltme". Type your name, desired username, and email address in the Message field. Your message will not be posted, and your info will be saved to a file which is not web public. I'll check regularly and submit all new requests to the moderators on AltME. Be sure to title your New Topic "joinaltme", so that your info is saved and not displayed on the forum.

posted by:   Nick     11-Apr-2014/18:51:22-7:00

Be sure to do this on the home page (create a new topic - don't respond here).

posted by:   Nick     11-Apr-2014/18:52:31-7:00

I'm not sure if this is still valid:

posted by:   Nick     11-Apr-2014/18:58:47-7:00

Yes, it is. However the saved messages that can be publicly viewed is very outdated.

posted by:   yoffset     12-Apr-2014/15:14:52-7:00

To be clear, if anyone sends a "joinaltme" request here on the forum, the information is not stored in a web public file.

posted by:   Nick     13-Apr-2014/7:23:13-7:00

Do we also need to install the altme program on computer?

posted by:   Rex     13-Apr-2014/8:54:06-7:00

That's one of the things which has always kept the Rebol community so private :(

posted by:   Nick     14-Apr-2014/15:04-7:00

I download and use it on Mac, but it says "Bad CPU type in executable".

posted by:   Rex     14-Apr-2014/20:32:33-7:00

Have tried both the Intel and PPC versions? What version Mac OS are you using?

posted by:   Nick     14-Apr-2014/21:24:43-7:00

If you don't submit a password here, I'll assign a default password of "asdf". Log in to AltME, click the users icon, click your username, and set the password you want.

posted by:   Nick     15-Apr-2014/0:43:44-7:00

Mac OS X 10.9.2. I use Intel version because the CPU of my laptop is Intel.

posted by:   Rex     15-Apr-2014/6:56:53-7:00

The version for download is 1.2.21. The one I use here on MacOSX 10.9.2 is 1.2.25. I've put version 1.2.25 up for download here:
Please let me know, when you've downloaded it, so I can remove it again.

posted by:   Henrik     15-Apr-2014/9:10:55-7:00

Thanks, Henrik, this version works fine on my system. I've successfully set it to work.

posted by:   Rex     16-Apr-2014/1:59:10-7:00

Rex, thanks for testing. We need version 1.2.25 to be the one to download on altme.com.

posted by:   Henrik     16-Apr-2014/4:51-7:00

I suspect the version was not updated on the download page.

posted by:   Arnold     17-Apr-2014/13:52:15-7:00

AltME web site has been down. The system is still working, but I don't know for how long...

posted by:   Nick     14-Nov-2015/23:45:35-8:00

So... the Altme website has been going down regularly all week. It's down now again. Anyone know what it going on?

posted by:   Phil     1-Dec-2015/11:13:07-8:00

Their web site has been down, but communication in AltMe has been working.

posted by:   Nick     2-Dec-2015/3:44:29-8:00

Altme was designed for private messaging. Altme is good as a private messenger, but I wonder if it isn't misapplied in it's role as a discussion forum.
Maybe a sister site(s) to Nick's Rebolforum would be more accommodating. Sites for general scripting issues, R3 development, etc.
Having alternative forums would likely soon see people sort themselves out as to which forum they should be interested in posting to - without hurdles to jump.

posted by:   Jose     2-Dec-2015/19:52:13-8:00