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Is flood (from the VID dialect) broken?

I have "REBOL/View 1-Jan-2011"
and I am trying to draw a picture using flood, but it doesn't seem to be working. At all.
No errors are thrown when I use it.
Can anyone help me with this? I want to fully grasp the digital powers of Rebol. (he he he)
All appreciated,
The Little Rebol Rat

posted by:   Little Rebol Rat     21-Aug-2019/19:01:38-7:00

Where is your REBOL code?
The examples from here work: http://rebol.com/docs/draw.html#section-13

posted by:   Stone Johnson     21-Aug-2019/22:55:58-7:00

Oh! Sorry for that. And thank you for your reply Mr. Johnson
The code I used was:
view layout [
     box snow 100x100 effect [
         draw [
             box 20x20 80x80
             fill-pen orange
             flood 2x2
Which I took, precisely, from:
The result that I expected was the one in the photo the link points too. Instead I got a grey box with a black outline over a grey background (and no orange frame). I tried some variations but never saw a manifestation of the flood command. My guess was that maybe my copy of rebol (REBOL/View 1-Jan-2011) had the command broken and wanted to know what did the community know about this.
Any insights will be appreciated.
The Little Rebol Rat

posted by:   The Little Rebol Rat     29-Aug-2019/12:29:22-7:00

You are right!
The example given does not match the picture.

posted by:   Stone Johnson     31-Aug-2019/16:11:51-7:00