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Updated R3

Hi used Rebol last year, and would like to use it again now.
The version I still have is
Platform: Linux libc-x64
Build:     12-May-2014/13:36:35
Did an upgrade command but it says that mine is the most updated one.
I always found confusing where to obtain R3. There's Atronix engineering, there's Saphir, there's github... And development seems slow...
So, I'd like to ask where to download the best R3, with and without gui (in case), for Linux 64 bits.
Is the Rebol community waiting for Red?

posted by:   Libertas     26-Jun-2015/7:35:32-7:00

I just wrote an article on the topic.
Perhaps that will be informative.

posted by:   Fork     26-Jun-2015/7:48:45-7:00

Wow. Thanks for all of that info, Fork.
I have followed and used REBOL for many years, but I admit things became extremely fuzzy around the time of the open-sourcing, and the various websites did little to help me understand what was what.

posted by:   Edoc     26-Jun-2015/16:24:05-7:00

I aim to please.
(Well, I guess that isn't *precisely* what I aim for, but it's nice if it ever happens. :-P)

posted by:   Fork     27-Jun-2015/1:44:41-7:00

I really enjoyed reading that. We need 100 more Forks.

posted by:   Nick     27-Jun-2015/10:02:32-7:00

Thanks @Nick. Well, I could use some more clones of *me* to do the work (though that's one of those classic mistakes they make in movies). But hopefully in the sense of source forks we can tie these all down to just one copy of each bit of code to maintain! I'll believe it when I see it.
As an aside: The CAPTCHA words can wind up pretty funny. Maybe instead of having to reverse them, your verification task should be to *define* them?
"sgalf-toob - n - A container for Sgalf(tm), a popular over-the-counter medication for treating dandruff and other skin conditions. Due to being cheap and widely available, these uniquely shaped bottles are frequently re-purposed in the electric bicycle community for shielding wires in cases where they are on the outside of the frame (leading the term to be used even when referring to a custom-made part for the purpose).

posted by:   Fork     28-Jun-2015/16:06:22-7:00

re: sgalf toob
You've been writing way too much C code, and your brain is breaking a little ;)

posted by:   Nick     29-Jun-2015/12:51:56-7:00

Tried to reply twice before, let's see if this one goes through...
Fork, I'd like to thank you for the answer and for all work you've done for the Rebol and Red communities.
Rebol seems to be in a dead end. Red is my great hope.

posted by:   Libertas     1-Jul-2015/5:01:21-7:00

@Fork and @Nick I had to give out fubkcolb from a recipe. After I deciphered the doctors bad handwriting and figured out it had to be blockbuf, I still had no idea that that was a real Rebol 'word.

posted by:   Pharmacist     7-Aug-2015/3:09:16-7:00