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Meta remote compiler client open-sourced

I open-sourced the compiler client, which is written in Meta itself:

posted by:   Kaj de Vos     9-Dec-2021/12:34:03-8:00

Interesting project. Do capitalisation of words like Either have any special meaning?

posted by:   Janko M.     10-Dec-2021/4:24:05-8:00

Hey Janko! Long time no see.
It turns out some Atari people don't understand the REBOL concepts and resist them. I'm thinking what I can do about it, and decided to use REBOL's ability for capitalisation to mark the start of statements, like the start of English sentences.

posted by:   Kaj     10-Dec-2021/4:57:20-8:00

Hey Kaj. Yes, same to you :) ... I was asking myself every now and then where were you. You were one of more productive contributors to redbols in regards with ZMQ and many other bindings.
I was once thinking about a rebol like language where capitalized word means the start of the block and . the end :) ... But it get's complicated when you nested blocks, etc ... :)

posted by:   Janko M.     16-Dec-2021/5:22:04-8:00

Thanks. :-)
I needed to take a step back and invent new ways to tackle the challenges we were all facing. It's good that we are still here, and both of us bring a new language to the table. :-) I have boosted my productivity further, and now it's time to publish again.
Yes, the concept of sentences breaks down in nested blocks. But the hurdle for people to get into the REBOL concepts is still here, so I do what I can.

posted by:   Kaj     16-Dec-2021/7:09:08-8:00

Your early birds would still be flying if you hadn't thrown stones at them :D
Don't reinvent the wheel, just give documentation for Meta.

posted by:   zbyti     16-Dec-2021/13:01:36-8:00



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