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REBOL dialect Meta on Bluesky social network

Meta is now on Bluesky:
Bluesky is a new, open social media network. It is designed as a distributed system, without a central point of control. No more censorship, no more deplatforming, no more forced advertising. You control your own attention by subscribing to what you want and filtering out what you don't want.
We will be microblogging our announcements there, and building a community. You can follow us to be informed of our posts. The first engineer of the Protocol Labs and early Bluesky advisor is already a follower:
When others post using the #MetaLang tag, we will be able to follow all Meta posts across the network:

posted by:   Kaj de Vos     22-Mar-2024/7:36:06-7:00

I just joined. Seems like Mastodon. Cool stuff!

posted by:   dislux-hapfyl     11-May-2024/6:50:28-7:00



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