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Getting Started with Rebol

Where do I download Rebol? Are there prototype programs? How long on d average does it take an entirely new student to learn and write his first Rebol program. I want to write a program for the Microfinance Bank where I work. A program that calculates installmental repayment of loans granted go customers. Say $10,000 @ 5% interest, now spread over 5 years with equal payment of say 10,000.05=$10,5005years =$2,100 repayments each of the 5 years

posted by:   Joshua     21-Feb-2015/15:24:16-8:00

Maybe start here with a tutorial that shows how to get started. Written by Nick in a super easy format and very well done.
Finish that then go to,
Look up at the top of the forum and you will see "Sticky: Useful Rebol Documents and Resources". It will have links to programming examples and links to lots of stuff.

posted by:   Sam     21-Feb-2015/17:15:09-8:00

The tutorial below should get you started even more quickly (maybe a few hours if you read every word and study every single bit of code, which is all documented line by line):
After that text, you should be able to understand how to create code like the following simple solution to your question:
R E B O L []
view layout [
     text "Loan Amount:"
     a: field "$10000"
     text "Interest Rate:"
     i: field "5%"
     text "Repayment Period (years):"
     p: field "5"
     btn "Calculate" [
         if error? try [
             t/text: (to-money a/text) * ((to-decimal replace/all i/text "%" "") / 100 + 1) / to-integer p/text
             show t
         ] [alert "Data Entry Error"]
     t: field
The download link for Rebol is right at the beginning of the tutorial:

posted by:   Nick     21-Feb-2015/19:47:23-8:00

Thanks Nick. I sincerely appreciate your help. You really went that far in offering a solution. I think ive found the choice software. The person who advised me on another choice software said it was used by most universities including MIT in the US, and that it has the largest IT support forum where your queries are answered immediately. But from what you've just posted, I am convinced that there's no online support community as supportive as REBOL. I don't need to search for the easiest programing language anymore. Rebol is the answer. Secondly, u've just help me solve a big issue in d bank where I work. I don't need to be reminded that this ebusiness solution will put my name in the history books of my Microfinance Bank. I will love to be part of Rebol's growing users. This is my first time hearing about it, but I will introduce it to two computer science lecturers. I think I should in the future publish a book on computer programming using Rebol. Once again, thanks. Joshua, Nigeria

posted by:   Joshua     22-Feb-2015/15:07:34-8:00

If you write or make use of any code in production, be sure to have it first reviewed and approved by your IT department, managers, or whoever oversees your work, before it's used to perform any important calculations.

posted by:   Nick     23-Feb-2015/1:02:42-8:00

Ok. Will do just that.

posted by:   Joshua     23-Feb-2015/14:34:47-8:00

Yeah. It's something you pick up, and you may never want to drop. The Rebol programming language has proved it's fascination since the very day I downloaded it till now. Trying my hands on the simple programs, using the print, alert, layout and calculate commands, as well as creating a button using the btncommand. I hope to slowly progress towards building my financial calculator program.

posted by:   Joshua     2-Mar-2015/11:44:15-8:00

I know I would get to know this as I progress through the tutorials, and perhaps get to the intermediate level. But I want to ask this question to the experts. I know that Rebol programs perform arithmetic calculations very well. I have also seen and performed calculations using a spreadsheet created by a Rebol program. Please is there a command that can compare two colomns and perhaps highlight the figures that are in column A, but not in column B, and in colomn B, but not in Aspreadsheet with

posted by:   Joshua     3-Mar-2015/2:09:29-8:00

See http://business-programming.com/business_programming.html#section-3.5

posted by:   Nick     3-Mar-2015/21:49:32-8:00

g1: ["Joan" "George" "Phil" "Jane" "Peter" "Tom"]
g2: ["Paul" "George" "Andy" "Mary" "Tom" "Tom"]
exclude g2 g1
== ["Paul" "Andy" "Mary"]
exclude g1 g2
== ["Joan" "Phil" "Jane" "Peter"]

posted by:   Nick     4-Mar-2015/8:04-8:00

Thanks Nick. I would want you to devee something for me. Sent to com2@com-pute.com. I know Rebol must have that capability. Any other thing needed for bulk sms? Then a sales invoice with inventory management.

posted by:   Joshua     15-Mar-2015/12:52:53-7:00