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How to submit Request URI via POST?

How do we submit a Request URI for POST or a Request Version?

posted by:   Joe     21-Feb-2011/20:23:56-8:00

response: read/custom http://some-site/cgi-bin/API [POST "a=1&b=2&c=3"]

posted by:   Nick     22-Feb-2011/12:32:08-8:00

That doesn't work. It doesn't set the Request URI or the Request Version.

posted by:   Joe     22-Feb-2011/19:58:42-8:00

I'm not sure but this may be helpful:

posted by:   Endo     23-Feb-2011/3:54:02-8:00

Nick's response looks good to me. But if you want to submit multipart data, that's a different ball park.

posted by:   Graham     23-Feb-2011/14:14:25-8:00

I guess I don't see where Nick's example sending the Request Version of "HTTP/1.1"

posted by:   Joe     23-Feb-2011/20:56:32-8:00

I found a way to set the Request URI by just doing:
system/schemes/http/path: "/mypath/"
Which trace/net on clearly shows. But when it shows HTTP/1.0 instead of HTTP/1.1.

posted by:   Joe     23-Feb-2011/21:03:21-8:00