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Android encapper for R3 scripts

Does anyone know how to use http://development.saphirion.com/experimental/builds/android/demo-encap.apk ?
I would like to make a single apk with input:
- a R3 script
- R3droid
I compared demo-encap.apk and r3-droid.apk but I did not understand the "principle".

posted by:   Jean-Louis     7-Sep-2014/16:11:24-7:00

Giuliolunati on http://chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/291/rebol-and-red has made an apk

posted by:   Graham     7-Sep-2014/20:26-7:00

I don't understand...
What are the steps to make an Android apk containing R3droid calling a R3 script ?

posted by:   JeanLouis     8-Sep-2014/18:37:31-7:00