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Suppress security pop-ups

I'm trying to lower the security level, so I do not get any security check pop-ups anymore. Specifically for printing a piece of text (to an actual printer).
I did the following (in Windows 10):
- Create a shortcut for C:\myscript.r, and then at the target field I wrote C:\myscript.r -s. This had no effect.
- I added "secure none" in myscript.r, but that gave me two security pop-ups, one asking me if it's okay to lower the security level, and then the regular security pop-up.
- I created a myscript.bat file with the following line: C:\rebol.exe -s C:\myscript.r. This initially removed the security pop-up, but it also opened a command window. Also when I click on a link in myscript.r, that launches another script, that other script still has the security pop-ups. Using the code "launch %/c/otherscript.r". I tried adding -s to this launch code, with no success.
How would I be able to suppress all security check pop-ups, without creating a command window, and also being able to click on links within my script gui that launches other scripts, without security pop-ups?

posted by:   Jay       13-May-2021/17:33:05-7:00



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