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REBOL with Oracle 19c

Hello guys,
We've upgraded oracle database from 12c to 19c. Rebol scripts that were working now fail to do so.
We're using the following script to open a connection:
open oracle://APPMON:#appmon#@PRODDB to connect but we're getting the following error:
** Script Error: Oracle error: ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied
** Near: open oracle://APPMON:#appmon#@PRODDB
Using the same user and password from sqlplus works like a charm.
Can you guys please advise on how to tackle this problem?

posted by:   Hugo     13-Feb-2021/13:25:56-8:00

Can you change the password so it does not use any special characters? A shot in the dark as it were, but I never trust them.

posted by:   Steven White     16-Feb-2021/11:53:46-8:00

Dear Steven,
Thank you for your feedback. We tried that approach but no success.

posted by:   Hugo     17-Feb-2021/4:01:38-8:00

We're currently looking at setting SQLNET.ALLOWED_LOGON_VERSION=11 in DB. But we must first make sure this will not impact with current application being run.

posted by:   Hugo     17-Feb-2021/4:03:57-8:00



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