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AltME REBOL3 world is down

The AltME REBOL3 word went down yesterday, so anyone who are members, but wish to continue discussions can do so in the Rebol4 world that is currently run by me.
We have created a new world, as we suspect the old one is not coming back up, as it's run by Carl, who is decidedly absent.
I have invited all those that were there online this year, but if you did not receive an invite and want in, just post your user name here (do not post your email here!).
Remember that your REBOL3 world is not lost: You can browse it along with your private messages offline.

posted by:   Henrik     26-Feb-2012/4:53:51-8:00

Please add NickA to REBOL4

posted by:   Nick     26-Feb-2012/11:33:02-8:00

http://rebol.org still hosts the history of AltME discussions, for users who want to search it on the web.

posted by:   Nick     26-Feb-2012/11:37:53-8:00

Nick, I have already added you. You should have received an email with an invitation.

posted by:   Henrik     26-Feb-2012/13:36:39-8:00

Thank you - got it!

posted by:   Nick     26-Feb-2012/21:02:19-8:00

Please add user Brock to Rebol4... Tx.

posted by:   Brock     27-Feb-2012/22:50:18-8:00

Please add user ddharing to REBOL4. Thanks.

posted by:   David den Haring     28-Feb-2012/13:59:49-8:00

Does the admin for REBOL4 know my email address? How do I know when I can login to REBOL4 and what my password is?

posted by:   David den Haring     29-Feb-2012/15:08:25-8:00

I found the invitation email...finally.
I'm able to login to REBOL4.

posted by:   David den Haring     29-Feb-2012/18:33:11-8:00

Brock, I'm sorry, I neglected your message. I have no excuse. I sent an invite to the email address that was stored in the REBOL3 world, which had "rogers" in it.

posted by:   Henrik     1-Mar-2012/14:10:18-8:00

Please add MikeL to Rebol4

posted by:   MikeL     2-Mar-2012/20:05:37-8:00

MikeL, an invite was sent to your "sympatico" email address.

posted by:   Henrik     3-Mar-2012/3:32-8:00


posted by:   NickD     5-Mar-2012/11:36:12-8:00

NickD, again. I was not on the previous forums. How do you intend to notice my password? Would it just be the default PASS?

posted by:   NickD     5-Mar-2012/11:42:20-8:00

Please add me to the Rebol 4 world. Tx

posted by:   PatrickP61     5-Mar-2012/11:55:46-8:00

Please add PatrickP61 to Rebol4 world. Tx.

posted by:   PatrickP61     5-Mar-2012/11:57:09-8:00

NickD, I have made it to the password you mention. Please change it immediately after logging in.
Patrick, I've sent you a notification on your Gmail address.

posted by:   Henrik     5-Mar-2012/15:05:05-8:00

Please add me.

posted by:   mikec     6-Mar-2012/15:41:33-8:00

mikec, I'm going to need more details. I don't see your user name in the REBOL3 world. If you didn't have one, I will need an email address, if you can properly obfuscate it here.

posted by:   Henrik     7-Mar-2012/7:36:18-8:00

BTW, the REBOL3 world is up again, but since the new world has filesharing, is managed by the community instead of Carl, and is generally a good chance to start over, people seem to prefer it.

posted by:   Henrik     7-Mar-2012/7:37:21-8:00

We are having some problems restarting the Rebol4 world. Looking into it.

posted by:   Henrik     7-Mar-2012/11:37:22-8:00

NickD again, for some reason NickD with pw PASS did not work. Maybe some spammer got to it first. if you could toss a new pw to me @ truthfulventures at disciples dot com I would appreciate it. Looking forward to it

posted by:   NickD     7-Mar-2012/11:46:58-8:00

OK, NickD, we will do that, once the world is running again. Still having trouble.

posted by:   Henrik     7-Mar-2012/12:34:01-8:00

Thanks so much.

posted by:   NickD     7-Mar-2012/12:39:42-8:00

The Rebol4 world has been started again.

posted by:   Henrik     7-Mar-2012/13:27:50-8:00

Now the world lookup server appears to be down. This means that AltME can't connect to anything. We'll see if/when it comes back up.

posted by:   Henrik     14-Mar-2012/4:08:59-7:00

oh my, hope it is just a service being down, not planned action of RT. Was already thinking of some stunnel bridge, allowing us to redirect the look-up request to our own server ...

posted by:   -pekr-     14-Mar-2012/4:24:45-7:00

A temporary "refuge" exists on IRC: Channels #rebol and #red-lang on irc.freenode.net

posted by:   Henrik     14-Mar-2012/5:08:08-7:00

Still down after 12 hours, and no reply to feedback message on altme website. They are having serious problems or are asleep.

posted by:   Simon     14-Mar-2012/14:49:48-7:00

It's now working again.

posted by:   Henrik     14-Mar-2012/16:10:33-7:00

I have tried connecting to Rebol4 and REBOL4 without success. Using AltME1.1.29 on Ubuntu 11.10 I get trying to connect for 2 minutes, then cannot connect.
What should I do differently? Can you send me an invitation to raylance / gmail?

posted by:   Ray Lance     24-Mar-2012/11:18:26-7:00

AltME 1.1.29 is ancient and may not be able to connect to current servers anymore. The altme.com download is stupid and leads you to download the old version. You need this one:

posted by:   Kaj     25-Mar-2012/18:20:20-7:00

ok, I got the altme1.2.21 version running after including lib32 in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH, but still can't login with my username raylance. How can I register and/or get a password?

posted by:   Ray Lance     29-Mar-2012/10:26:03-7:00

It looks your username is "Ray" on rebol4 world. Default password is 1234, please change it asap when you logged in.

posted by:   Endo     30-Mar-2012/4:42:54-7:00

The REBOL4 world, simply named so, because it's the fourth one in existence, has begun making its posts web-public at:

posted by:   Henrik     30-Apr-2012/2:50:56-7:00