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Amazon echo with rebol integration


posted by:   Graham     17-Feb-2017/19:04:54-8:00

Neat Graham. Will you publish the code?

posted by:   Nick     17-Feb-2017/21:22:08-8:00

That was the first working pass at it. Needs more refinement which is what I'm contemplating once we get the r3 UDP working.

posted by:   Graham     18-Feb-2017/0:59:58-8:00

Thank you, wow I miss the days when Rebol had a thriving community

posted by:   Nick     18-Feb-2017/4:35:33-8:00

> wow I miss the days when Rebol had a thriving community
Not dead, yet...

posted by:   Fork     18-Feb-2017/8:40:14-8:00

Fork, your work is greatly appreciated too. I'm just hoping Doc can bring together a large community of talented developers working like this again, to create all sorts of useful projects that help everyone.

posted by:   Nick     22-Feb-2017/12:34:24-8:00