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Ren Garden Demo Video now Available

For those who weren't sure exactly what a C++ binding for Rebol or Red would be 'for', I present here an overview... with a demo of Ren Garden... a GUI console with several novel features:
Ren Garden has been built for Linux, Mac, and Windows, and variously for 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. Though it's linked up with Rebol for now, it was designed to be linked against Red also. The conditional build is set up, so it's just work that someone needs to go in and do.
Where these projects can (or will) go depends on community support and interest. So far response has been very encouraging...but to push this from demo to 'product' will require more hands and heads than just mine!

posted by:   Fork     29-Jan-2015/8:41:10-8:00

Wow, you've done some work. Thank you for the demo. A plain QT binding/dialect would turn some heads.

posted by:   Nick     29-Jan-2015/11:08:26-8:00

Looks interesting, I x-post to rebelBB as well.
Thanks for sharing :)

posted by:   GregP     30-Jan-2015/7:08:13-8:00

Because a few people asked me about autocomplete, I decided to go ahead and add it to Ren Garden. It allows tabbing through various completions of function names, refinements for functions, and members of objects. There is also some preliminary support for getting a preview window on items being completed.
Also: It may be known that I have strong feelings about the direction of improvements being tried in terms of new ideas about "what goes in the box"...as basic as rethinking PRINT. However I've included here a feature for switching contexts on the fly, including going back to the "traditional" mezzanine.
Video summary here:
Most of the logic for completion is *not* written in C++. You can see the commented source file for the autocomplete here:
This shows how frictionless the binding can be, and that reusable components could be written that could serve in either an all-Rebol/Red IDE or Ren Garden. I'm licensing the "helpers" portion BSD to make it easy to pick them up elsewhere:

posted by:   Fork     9-Feb-2015/9:33:08-8:00

I've watched the videos as they popped up on my YouTube feed. Impressive work! My #1 request is a video showing how to get Ren Garden installed and working.
Great job!

posted by:   Bo     19-Feb-2015/0:43:08-8:00

It is really impressive. My #1 request is for more C++ to see it and be drawn into Rebol land ;)

posted by:   Nick     19-Feb-2015/10:39:57-8:00