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Is there any Go game written in Rebol?

Is there any Go game written in Rebol?

posted by:   Endo     9-Jun-2010/16:47:51-7:00

There is Reversi (Othello): http://www.rebol.org/view-script.r?script=reversi.r
Perhaps that could be adapted?

posted by:   Nick     10-Jun-2010/11:53:43-7:00

Wow! That is great! It is a commerical quality game. Thanks for sharing!

posted by:   Endo     10-Jun-2010/17:45-7:00

I wrote a two player ( internet ) gomoku game with chat many years ago ... where the stones are placed on the intersections as in Go.

posted by:   Graham     14-Jun-2010/19:51:53-7:00

@Graham: Is it on rebol.org or somewhere on the net? I would like to see its source if available.

posted by:   Endo     15-Jun-2010/4:25:30-7:00

It's on my compkarori2 site on the WWR. I just checked and it doesn't run under current View. Haven't had time to see why. There's Gomoku which replays saved games and NBGorim which requires a working chat/game server to be running.
This stuff is pretty old ... from 2001.

posted by:   Graham     16-Jun-2010/5:09:51-7:00

The web link for that is http://www.compkarori.com/reb/gomoku1.r
The list of files is at http://www.compkarori.com/cgi-local/index.r
Those are "Rebsite" links. In REBOL, type "desktop", then click Public -> Sites -> compkarori2

posted by:   Nick     16-Jun-2010/9:21:57-7:00