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error running any gui program at all

Hi just learning Rebol here and wanted to do the gui examples Saphirion R3 gui as shown at http://learnrebol.com/rebol3_book.html
Unfortunately any example I try even the simplest seems to fail with 'in does not allow none! for its object' as you see below:
./r3-view-osxi notes.r3
Fetching GUI...
** Script error: in does not allow none! for its object argument
** Where: reduce either parse reduce-opts view unless actor all foreach do-actor if view do either either either -apply-
** Near: reduce val
Is there a way to fix it?
(if it matters - I'm on a Mac btw)

posted by:   Darren Cruse     28-Jun-2017/8:43:03-7:00

To my knowledge, I don't believe there was ever a working version of View for Rebol 3. Atronix, I think, have it on their roadmap to eventually release a gui for Ren-C OS X, would need to verify that though.
For now there's Rebol 2.7.8 and Red (can install using Homebrew: https://github.com/red/Homebrew-red )

posted by:   Chris     28-Jun-2017/12:53:04-7:00

Thanks Chris.
The impression I got from reading http://learnrebol.com/rebol3_book.html is that this had been working at one time and has broken sometime since the doc was written (it's dated 2013).
I switched to a windows machine and the Atronix version and am able to do the examples that way. Atronix doesn't show a Mac download only a Windows download.
(there's a bit of irony here since the http://learnrebol.com/rebol3_book.html doc is extolling the virtues of how great Rebol 3 is for cross platform GUI development!)
Anyway thanks. I'm probably not appreciating the ins and outs of Rebol 2 versus 3 and Rebol/View versus "GUI" versus Ren-C I'm pretty new...
You were partly saying Rebol 2 is better for me to learn from since Rebol 3 isn't mature right. Rebol 3 has been around awhile now though - is it progressing I wonder?
I did play a bit with Red but it seemed rough around the edges as well.    
I'm a developer myself btw, I was partly playing with this stuff wondering if I might try and help contribute to one of these projects as open source.

posted by:   Darren Cruse     29-Jun-2017/5:03:55-7:00

R3 Mac development was initially done by Saphirion, but Mac GUI was never completed. Atronix moved forward with development, but only on Linux and Windows. Saphirion did release a working Android GUI. Their Mac code base would be a good place to start if you want to contribute to R3. If you want to use Rebol on Mac, R2 is mature.

posted by:   Nick     2-Jul-2017/5:36:44-7:00

Ren-C ( https://github.com/metaeducation/ren-c ) and Red (https://github.com/red/red ) are both in active development. In Ren-C the GUI is an extension being developed by Atronix and not part of the main repository. Shixin ( https://github.com/zsx ) is the point person for Atronix's involvement in Ren-C and would know the ins and outs of that extension. Can reach him in the Rebol chat room ( https://chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/291/rebol ).

posted by:   Darren     2-Jul-2017/9:30:28-7:00

Hm, meant to @ Darren but put in name field insteadód'oh!

posted by:   Chris     2-Jul-2017/14:33:23-7:00