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Rebol/Services: Where, Why...

My understanding is that Rebol/Services was designed to allow dialects to be interchanged on the internet.
Is Rebol/Services still in use by anyone?
Still usable?
Any alternatives?
In anyway similar to Rest?

posted by:   Danie     23-Mar-2017/13:36:03-7:00

I never used them.

posted by:   Nick     26-Mar-2017/6:35:25-7:00

Most probably not actively in use, however, I liked its concept. It was inspired by Rebol/IOS and maybe a bit by Rugby, RFC aproach done by Maarten.
On the other side, there was also an Universe (upon with Cheyenne app/web server was built), a multiplexing runtime pluggable protocol architecture.
Rebol/Services, as a concepts, could still be used in the future. The Docs are still online at http://rebol.com/docs/services/

posted by:   -pekr-     28-Mar-2017/7:43:58-7:00

Thanks pekr. I think you meant uniserve, not universe.

posted by:   Danie     29-Mar-2017/6:43:25-7:00