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Uninstalling REBOL deletes user files ?

I uninstalled the app and it deleted my whole user directory files... why ?

posted by:   Chewy     5-Mar-2013/11:23:31-8:00

Hi Chewy,
When you uninstall REBOL, on the first screen, there is the following checkbox:
"Delete REBOL sandbox cache files"
In order for files to be deleted, you must manually check that box. When you click it, the following message pops up:    
"Please confirm that you want to delete all REBOL sandbox cached files. These files cannot be undeleted.".    
You must also manually confirm this message in order for files to be deleted.

posted by:   Nick     6-Mar-2013/3:28:11-8:00

If you want to automatically change to a different working directory every time REBOL starts, just type "editor %rebol.r" in the REBOL console, and add the following lines (edit the path to contain the working directory you prefer):
cd %/c/your/work/folder/
That way, all your files will be saved, by default, in any folder that you choose.

posted by:   Nick     6-Mar-2013/4:30:29-8:00

Thanks for your reply.
I did read the message but what does "REBOL sandbox cached files" have to do with all of my personal files (documents, pictures, downloads, music etc..) ? That's the part I'm missing...
I don't want to work with REBOL for me it's a dangerous piece of software.

posted by:   Chewy     8-Mar-2013/0:39:59-8:00

REBOL's uninstall process only deletes files in the folder that you've specified to contain temporary files. When installing REBOL, the default location for this folder is a new directory created by the install program. You must specifically choose to change that folder, and confirm the change. You must also specifically request and confirm that it be removed during the uninstall process. Did you change REBOL's install process so that the temporary folder was set to a pre-existing folder which contained existing data files, and then also specifiy and confirm that that folder be deleted during the uninstall process? If you install any application into a folder where you're storing other files, and then go out of your way to tell the uninstall program to delete all the files in that directory, despite the warnings, then you will experience the same result. REBOL is no more dangerous than any other application in that regard.

posted by:   Nick     8-Mar-2013/7:11:32-8:00