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drawing text on MacOS X fails

I am currently investigating REBOL to see if I can use it for the development of (small) platform-independent programs.
Graphics capabilities will be an important point.
Some stuff is working already, but I can't achieve anti-aliased text under Mac OS X! Using the most recent View release of REBOL 2 for Mac OS X, I am trying s.th. like
    view layout [
     box 200x160 effect [draw [
        pen black
        text 10x20 "Test"
with lots of variations (with/without font specification, various pen/fill-pen/line-width settings etc.) The "effect" seems to work under Windows, but not under Mac OS X. I even tried the tip found at http://www.compkarori.com/vanilla/display/AGG (after adapting it to Mac OS X with its differnt font paths), but never got any display.
Adding a "line" command displayed that line, though - thus, I am quite certain that my commands should be basically correct.
Does anybody have any ideas?
Thanks in advance for any help!
Kind regards,
Andreas Rozek

posted by:   Andreas Rozek     12-Jun-2010/0:45:59-7:00

It's unfortunate, but REBOL does not support true-type fonts in OS X.

posted by:   Nick     12-Jun-2010/19:52:53-7:00

That's really unfortunate . especially on a platform which is famous for its graphics...
Thanks for your response!

posted by:   Andreas Rozek     14-Jun-2010/23:43:29-7:00